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Veterinary Board Games is the brainchild of three veterinarians, James Montgomery, Etienne Côté, and Julia Montgomery, who feel that enjoyment and preparing for board exams need not be mutually exclusive.

Studying for veterinary board exams such as the NAVLE® is a very time consuming and nerve-racking experience that all aspiring veterinarians must endure.

Our philosophy is that the learning process can be facilitated by adding an element of fun. We understand the diverse learning styles veterinary students as a population represent. This is why we have developed multiple platforms on which to utilize our flash cards. Whether you prefer to study on the computer, on the go with your smart phone, or in a casual game setting with friends, Veterinary Board Games has an option for you. Review books can be tedious and represent a more passive learning modality. Interaction and repetition will help facilitate long-term knowledge retention. After all, our major goal is not just to help you pass your licensing exam, but to help you be a better practicing veterinarian.

The flash cards format enables quick review. These chunks of information can be read alone by someone who is self-quizzing, or used in groups of 2, 3, 4, or more people in game play. To facilitate game play we developed rules for various games as well as the companion game board. Our app also includes a game feature while large animaladding additional portability with the ability to have all 1200 questions available in one device with no need for an internet connection. Our new digital platform, developed in partnership with our friends at the Zuku Review, brings our flash cards to your desktop computer, laptop, and your smart phone or other portable device.

Our materials are written by veterinarians and veterinary educators for veterinary students. We take pride in creating original questions and providing the references to facilitate easy access to more in depth information on the subject matter.